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Why this Wiki?

While we have redesigned our main page , and plan to keep it up to date(this time). we want to spend less time on web development and content updating and focus on our core competency - industry leading PowerShell and scripting innovations.

Just as ShellTools made products give admins and developers agility, wikwiki gives us agility to update content, backed up by enterprise search, even through attachments, and oppurtunities to collaborate with others as well. This means we might actually keep the site fresh now. Additionally wikwiki is just cool on so many fronts and we plan to use its RSS, tagging, widget and scripting support in many way. If it works out for us, how we think it will, we will bring it over onto our own domain.

Latest Info 

18th December 2008 - Please take our Survey and help direct the future of our projects.

21st November 2008 - We've created a PowerShell script to syncronize local folders with SmugMug.  View and download the script here.

25th August 2008 - PowerShell Plus is now produced by Idera. - Press Release. (PS+ history details to come)

25th August 2008 - PowerShell Analyzer 100% free for all use.




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